Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Red is the color!

It isn't my usual but for the last few days Red has most certainly been THE color! Painting my nails, oggling at pretty papers and playing with paints obviously wasn't enough, so today I set about work creating some new digital designs with deep purples and red taking president. It has been absolutly brilliant and I have created a wide variety of designs. Check out this fab card (although looking a little blurred in the thumbnail below!!!) that I have whipped up this evening.

Throughout this evening it has undertaken many different combinations of layout and colors but I love it - especially the unusual color sheme that it ended up been!! I may just have to send it to print and embellish with some finishing touches such as stickles or glossy accents........ooooohhh just had a thought......... what about a couple of red buttons underneath the greeting to add additional layers and a true handmade feel. Gee - Do I get excited easily!?!